There are several ways to contact the "Committee To Elect Donnie Barrera" as well as to contact Donnie Himself.

If you trying to request information, a yard sign or any other information. The web submission form found on the Volunteer page may be your best option. Click here to visit the Volunteer page and ask your questions or make your requests.
  If you would like to speak with the committee or the candidate in person, you may attend any of our many events being posted on Facebook or you may contact Donnie at either of the following two numbers:

937.763.5949 (C)
937.402.4998 (H)
  To Contact the committee via postal mail, please use the following address:
  Committee To Elect Donnie Barrera
Monty Lee Rayburn - Treasurer
5549 Juillerat Road
Hillsboro, OH 45133
  Please let your choice be known...VOTE BARRERA on May 6th at the SPECIAL ELECTION to make Donnie Barrera the next ELECTED Sheriff of Highland County!